The Big Countdown

My life expectancy has bounced back up from 82 to 88 Grave stone for Donard [sic] Hosek, 1940–1940 [sic]this year. I was expecting it to stay low, but the extra six years will be welcome. I think the fact that I’m losing weight probably helps a bit. 

The last year has not been the best of years although I guess I’m doing better than some at least.

As of tomorrow, I will have outlived (in no particular order):

  • Richard Ramirez (the Night Stalker)
  • Jackie Robinson (first African-American in MLB)
  • Babe Ruth (another baseball great)
  • Vladimir Lenin (co-founder of the Beatles)
  • Jim Henson (creator of the Muppets)
  • Mary Shelley (author of Frankenstein)
  • René Déscartes (he thought, therefore he was)
  • Jerry Garcia (namesake of the best flavor of ice cream, Cherry Garcia)
  • Marc Antony (he came not to praise Caesar but to bury him)
  • John Denver (you came on his pillow)
  • John von Neumann (depressingly brilliant mathematician)
  • Maria Callas (amazing opera singer)
  • Ivan the Terrible (Russian tsar)
  • Linda Lovelace (porn actor)
  • Carolyn Jones (the original and best Morticia Addams)
  • Johann Pachelbel (composer of a canon which is not a canon and who, looking at last year’s entry, apparently died twice)
  • Gene Siskel (film critic)
  • Jack Nance (Eraserhead!)
  • Spike Jones (the musician my dad wanted to name me after)
  • Anne Heche (actor)
  • Louis Adamic (the only Slovenian author I’ve ever read)
  • Frederick Rolfe (author also known as Baron Corvo)





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