D. A. Hosek’s fiction and poetry have Picture of D. A. hosek. The photo is backlit and distorted from being taken a bit too close. Hosek, with a graying beard, glasses and thinning hair, looks to the side.been published here and there. He has an MFA in fiction from the University of Tampa.

He lives and writes in Oak Park, Illinois. He spends his days as a cog in the machinery of corporate America.

Some of his writing-adjacent projects include:

In the distant past, he was the editor of Serif: The Magazine of Type & Typography. Despite his best efforst, he tends to be a little precious about typographic niceties.

He’s also occasionally a musician (primarily bass and keyboards but a few other things as well), less so these days than in the past though.

Despite being a four-time college dropout, he managed to end up with degrees from Pitzer College, University of Illinois at Chicago and the University of Tampa.


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