Residency day 7

The pacing of the residency is such that it kind of feels like it’s all coasting from here on. The morning seminar was “Anthology” with Denis Johnson in which we contributed poems that made us want to be a writer. I, being a fiction person, lied and chose “These Poems, She Said” by Robert Bringhurst. If I were honest I would have chosen T. S. Eliot’s “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock” but someone else picked it so all was good.

Workshop was dedicated to new five-page stories that we brought in. I managed to get a new piece finished last night before going to sleep, but it will apparently come up tomorrow.

The first afternoon seminar slot was dedicated to book arts in which we did a simple pamphlet stitch. Having studied bookbinding back in the 90s, it as a bit unexciting for me. This was followed by Josip Novakovich talking about creating stories out of anecdotes, something which had some resonance later during the question and answer session after Denis Johnson’s reading.





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