Dewey Decimal Project: 808 DAG The lifespan of a fact

To initiate the 800s—literature—I picked this odd Image of the Stratosphere Hotel in Las Vegas ittle book. I first encountered it in excerpts during my MFA and I was curious to read the whole thing, both D’Agata’s essay and Fingal’s fact checking of it. There was some exaggeration in the conflict between the two as it was portrayed on the page, as revealed in this interview not to mention an assortment of odd synchronicities surrounding my reading of the book—I finished the book on my way to the funeral mass for a friend who died by suicide and I learned about the interview linked earlier in this sentence courtesy of an unrelated article I happened to read a few months after I finished the book.

Overall, it made for an interesting look into the process behind writing “facts” and whether something needs to be true in order to be True.





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