Dewey Decimal Project: 690.837 ADL Outwitting Contractors: The Complete Guide to Surviving Your Home or Apartment Renovation

We close out the Cover of Outwitting Contractors 600s—Technology—with “construction of buildings.” Since we were planning on doing some renovations, I thought it might be helpful to read a book like Outwitting Contractors. The book itself is padded with a number of anecdotes which made me think that Adler was perhaps at one point a journalist, although there is no indication in his biography that this has ever been the case.

There’s a mix of the useful and filler in the book, but overall, it felt like a useful read to prepare us for what’s ahead in our renovation journey. That said, I didn’t feel like there was anything that was unique to this book, and any book on the topic would have done just as well.





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