Dewey Decimal Project: 650.11 DAV Two awesome hours : science-based strategies to harness your best time and get your most important work done

Who wouldn’t want to make more effective use of their time?Cover of Two Awesome Hours I sure would. So when I faced the bleak wasteland of 650–659.999, Management and Public Relations, I decided that one of the time management books would be the most appealing option.

Davis’s approach is to focus on decision points and  making the point of making the right decisions of what to do at those points. This is pretty much the opposite of my way of working and probably why I’m not that effective. I tend to have a quasi-deterministic way of going about my day, taking the next item on my to-do list and tackling it regardless of whether it’s the best thing to be doing. I’ve ended up rejecting the advice from Davis not because it’s bad but because I don’t really want to change my life in that way even though it would be better for me. Perhaps one of these days I’ll have to revisit this approach to life.






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