Dewey Decimal Project: 198.9 KIE Parables of Kierkegaard


I first learned of the parables of Kierkegaard from a reading a short story a friend asked my to critique. I was intrigued enough that when I spotted this slender volume among the 190s, I picked it up to add to my project.

The parables are drawn from throughout Kierkegaard’s writing. In context, they were used to illustrate various points he was making in his philosophical writing, but many of them make for delightful reading on their own, shining light on Kierkegaard’s warm Christian humanism. 

I do, however, wonder whether having pulled the parables out of their context in Kierkegaard’s writing whether some violence may have been done to their meaning.I suppose this means that I’ll have to read deeper into Kierkegaard to know for certain.





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