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  • An introvert at #AWP16—Day 3

    Invisible to Whom?: Black Fiction Writers on Craft and the White Gaze I had a long list of potential Saturday at 9a panels and realized that part of the reason that it was so long was that I wasn’t really excited about any of the options so I decided that this would be a good […]

  • An Introvert at #AWP16—Day 2

    I had originally penciled in a panel entitled, “You Sent us What?” on what readers and submission editors look for, but I decided to skip it because really, how many ways can they say, “send us your best work”? Instead, I spent some time revising one of my stories set in Los Angeles to submit […]

  • An introvert at #AWP16—Day 1

    Showing Up I discovered that my hotel’s breakfast was far from adequate, but knowing downtown L.A., I knew that there was a Denny’s between the 7th/Metro subway stop and the convention center so I stopped there for breakfast and a chapter of the novel I’ve been reading before facing the crowds. I expected to be […]

  • An introvert at AWP—Day 0

    So here I am, an exile returned to Los Angeles. While I’m Chicago born and raised, I’ve lived a big chunk of my adult life in L.A. and it’s very much home to me. Perhaps because my time in L.A. has been very much outside “industry” circles (which is not to deny that, like many […]