2024 Tournament of Books: Blackouts/Dayswork vs Heaven & Earth Grocery Store

Semifinal time! I start with my

Alternate Reality

Where the matchup is between Dayswork and Heaven & Earth Grocery Store. We have an experimental novel against an exemplar of a straightforward narrative, and to be honest, putting these two up against each other, I found I was just in the mood for a straight narrative.

Actual reality

I’m going to be boring and since it’s still experimental vs straightforward, I still choose Heaven & Earth Grocery Store.

My judgment on the judgment

Elizabeth Minkel put me to the shame by taking my elliptical thoughts above and turning them into a well-reasoned evaluation of both books’ strengths, Then she went and made the opposite choice that I did, and I suppose I can’t fault her and perhaps, reading her little essay, she may have actually persuaded me.


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