Writerly resolutions: November status

I had thoughtGraph of the progress of the novel in November. Pretty dull that I could read and take notes on 28 chapters of the novel in 28 days. That turned out to be optimistic. It turned out to be 47 days although I have a nice chart of all the characters in the novel and which chapters they appear in along with some notes on their background (the sort of thing I should have been keeping track of all along). Some of my characters’ hometowns changed multiple times in the same chapter.

The book is in better shape than I anticipated, although there are still some sections that will require major rewrites and some parts that will be cut. It also helps to have a stronger sense of every character’s arc to see how they develop over the course of the novel.

Still working on that new story. I’m guessing that it’ll end up being one of those things that has a thirty-page draft that needs to be cut to ten pages. I’ll likely not get it done in time for my next turn workshopping.

And very little progress on the revise and submit phase of things other than a growing backlog of stories that have been workshopped.






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