Writerly resolutions: March status

Sometimes a graph doesn’t tell the My progress for March. Steadyish progress from abour 40,000 words to about 47,000 words then it looks like I stall out for a week and a half before more progress but this is why there's a blog post and not just a picturewhole story. My graph looks like for about a third of the month I didn’t make much progress but in fact, even though my word count didn’t move around much (and even dropped a bit), that was a result of wrestling with a troublesome passage in the first draft and making it much better on the rewrite. I feel a bit like the flat bits on the graph show more work happening than the steep slopes.

Got two more story revisions kicked out the door, one of which is a chapter in the novel, the other was accepted for publication fairly quickly so there will be more news about that soonish.

The new story is gaining more clarity as I get more of a sense of what it’s about. I was to have workshopped this Thursday but a bout of Covid in the family is keeping me out of the rotation but I’ll be getting a new slot in two weeks and maybe it will be ready then?






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