Writerly resolutions: June status

My big thing this month, by far would be writer camp. I spent the last few days of the month in central Pennsylvania, mostly writing, although some reading, some talking with other writerly folks.

A rather deep questioning about the novel, and whether I even have the right to write it (I think I do, but understand that a gentile man writing about female Jewish Holocaust survivors faces some uphill struggles just being acknowledged as having something to say). I did a complete rewrite of the query letter after realizing that the current letter is a mess so perhaps the July round of queries will get a better response (or perhaps not, see above). Completed a workshoppable draft of a new story and some minor progress on revisions of a workshopped story that could use some more workshopping before it goes out on submissions.

Finally got all my poems revised and started my 2024 submission round. It being summer, I ran out of markets before I ran out of poems, so I wrote another Chicago sonnet at writer camp.






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