Writerly resolutions: July Status

NewImagemade good progress on the novel this month. The net word gain was 4,400 words, but I made good progress writing and rewriting chapter 13 as the diagram on this page shows. I think part of the progress’s secret was that with the exception of just one day, I managed to do some work on the novel every day of the month. August is starting a bit shaky in that respect.

Short story–wise, I’ve been a bit less productive. I’ve shelved the new story I was working on since I realized I’ve  lost the narrative voice.Also, I still am not sure where the story wants to go.

The new story I’ve been working on to replace it has been slow going as well, but it’s partly a mix of not taking it up and when I do take it up, I’m finding myself deeply involved with the language on a word-by-word basis.

The old story that I’ve been working on has been another bit of slow going. I’m finding that it needs a lot of work to be what I want it to be, but I feel more confident that I can do that work now than I was before I workshopped it.






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