Writerly resolutions, January status

A note on how my writerly resolutions for 2019 are going. On the novel front, I’m not doing so great. Only 1,664 words net gained on the novel. I should be doing over 4,000 words per month to meet my goal (well now, it’s more like 4,400).

Short stories are both a bit ahead of the game and behind it courtesy of the long story which has been blocking my writing process like a colonic obstruction. That said, I’ve finished a revision of the long story to a somewhat shorter version (9,000-some-odd words instead of 10,000-some-odd-words) and now am working on the longer version in which I’m letting the narrative’s tendency towards digression flow free. Then I have to somehow decide which version I’ll try to foist upon the world (I’m leaning towards trying to publish the longer version first and if that fails to gain any traction to return to the shorter version). Meanwhile I have two stories which I’d been working on last year finished and revised enough to workshop with my writing group so with any luck I’ll be ahead of the game by this time next month.






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