Writerly resolutions for 2023—the post mortem

So my goals for 2023 were:

  1. Finish the last of the research reading (only 6½ books right now).
  2. Character bios for major characters
  3. Do a highlighter read (per Matt Bell, pp. 128–133) 
  4. Read and annotate the printed manuscript based on bios, research notes and fresh eyes.
  5. Weasel word check (Bell, p. 141–4)
  6. Draft three to readers
  7. Draft four based on their comments
  8. Start querying

I managed items 1–6 on the list, but I’ve only heard back from one of the readers since I only got draft three out to people at the beginning of December. 

I didn’t do a whole lot of workshopping this yeart, but one new piece did get picked up for publication.






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