Writerly resolutions for 2022—the post mortem

My resolutions for 2022 were a bit gentler and perhaps not so measurable. The stack on the right is gone, the stack on the left is much shorterI had a bit of a mid-year pivot on the novel where I decided to focus on a research binge after I finished draft two in July. This did give a nice visual where I had stacks of books that shrunk (and occasionally grew) as the research progressed. I’ve finished reading all the research books that I ended up buying because they weren’t available from the library and I’m almost done with the library books (I suppose if I were sufficiently clever, I’d make a nice animation of the stacks of books).

I’ve been doing a poor job of getting the workshopped stories off my computer and into submissions, although one did make it out and was published over the summer in Ligeia. The top two revision candidates on my stack have been taunting me in the meantime. One needs a lot of work and probably another round of workshopping, the other is a victim of perfectionism but I think I can get it out eventually.

A few new stories workshopped this year, including a novel excerpt that did get pushed into submissions, largely because it fit into a themed submission call.






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