Writerly resolutions: April status

April, despite its soote shoures, is indeed the cruelest month. I began the month with Covid, finally succumbing despite still being careful three years into the pandemic. This pretty much knocked me out the first two weeks of the month, which came on top of recovering from the site hack and an associated email outage that I didn’t discover until the 21st of the month.

Well, it turned out that hidden behind that email outage were some poetry acceptances! Fortunately, I made a point of reaching out to everyone with whom I had pending submissions in case there were responses I had missed.

On the novel, I’ve gone from 5 pages into the highlighter read to 55 pages. The later chapters feel like they’re in better shape, which is a bonus. If I were to continue at this pace, with the rest of the book, the highlighter read won’t be done until mid-July which is much later than I want it to be, so I’ve got to pick up the pace a bit.

No progress on short story work, but poetry submissions continue to trickle out as publications open their submissions windows.






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