Writerly resolutions: April status

Another interesting graph month. Graph of progress in April. Things slowed down on April 8th while I was writing the new chapter, plus life intervened. I did get the first draft of the new chapter plus a rewrite done this month.This time the odd shapes are because I added a new chapter to the book (and life intervened a bit more than usual). I got a bit stuck on the new chapter since I wanted it to be about more than the chapter title and historical event that I was relating and I needed to figure out how it affected the characters and the story. I still have to do a revision round on the chapter, but it’s overall in a good place.

Story revision is going slowly as I realize that the story at the top of the pile needs a lot of work.It will probably end up going back to workshop before it goes on submission as I’m doing some major surgery on the piece.

News about a new publication tomorrow.

The new story is plodding along although I’ve taken another procrastination break from it to write something very short and strange. I think it has a chance of not being bad.






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