Residency day 9

The morning seminar was entitled “Reading Like a Writer” but was ultimately about what sorts of things to do with our annotations in the course of the tutorial period plus some general information on how things will work in the MFA.

For our final workshop, we did a couple of writing exercises. I played with an idea I’ve had for a while to intertwine two narrators—I had imagined doing it on a sentence basis, but for the exercise, I did it on a paragraph basis instead.

The afternoon seminar was Maile Chapman talking on writing Historical Fiction, a topic which I have a great interest because of The Archbishop’s Son, although there wasn’t much there that I didn’t already know.

I had my final contract consultation where the details of what I’ll be reading and writing over the tutorial period were hammered out, and from there we went to the closing reception which was an opportunity to socialize in a big room with somewhat loud music after some initial speeches and announcements, a painful experience for an introvert like myself.

And with that the residency came to a close.





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