Residency day 9

Courtesy of MFA scheduling and my own travel plans I had a short last day of the residency. The afternoon workshop was optional for all but first term students, I’d already taken care of my contract consultation and flying out Friday night meant that I would miss the closing reception.

The morning workshop was Amy Hill Hearth talking about using oral history as a source of voice. It was as well-organized as her reading the night before. I arrived a bit late and yet managed to not be among the last to arrive.

We had our final workshop before lunch, looking at the Dostoyevsky pastiche that Tibor had us work on, with one of the other students writing an incredible piece of work beyond anything else I’d read of his work.

We had a final lunch with Tibor, with the table filled with many of his mentees from the previous term as well as the current term. For an added bit of entertainment, a socially awkward young man who had made a habit of coming into our lunches illicitly (late, after the first time, so at least there was little chance of him depriving anyone of their food), was removed by campus security, although it did seem a bit pointless to go through the trouble of removing him at the end of the last lunch.





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