Residency day 8

We’re beginning to draw to a close. The schedule is starting to open up a bit. The morning seminar was Roy Peter Clark and Tom French from the Poynter Institute talking about the importance of sequencing in writing. They offered up what might be called the 2-3-1 formula, where the most important thing comes at the end, the second most important at the beginning and the least important in the middle, an idea which scales from the sentence to the paragraph to the section to the work. I can see it being a useful technique in my writing, although at the same time, too slavish a devotion to it could get a bit wearying.

In our morning workshop, we finished the last of the student works, leaving me a bit curious about what we’ll do tomorrow. If past experience is any guide, it will be writing exercises.

The afternoon slot was filled with a second synthesis session, where we largely focused on feedback about the sessions.

I had some free time after that since my final contract consult session will be tomorrow. I went back to the hotel and did some writing and reading. I had planned on walking to Ybor City where the evening’s reading was going to take place, but found myself faced with a monsoon. I ended up getting a ride with another student.

The reading featured Erika Dawson, Therese Svoboda, and Peter Meinke from our faculty along with three outside writers. Of those three, only one caught my attention, but holy cow, it was good stuff. This writer, Michael Angelo Rumore is someone to watch. I expect to see great things from him.


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