Residency day 4

Today was St Petersburg day. We were taken in vans from the University of Tampa campus first to the Hotel Don CeSar on St Petersburg Beach. We had workshops on the veranda of the hotel overlooking the beach, then after lunch a bit of free time that I used to take a quick swim in the ocean before spending the rest of the time on reading.

Our afternoon “seminar” was a tour of the Dalí museum, a wonderful collection of Dalí’s work. They focus primarily on his two-dimensional works, paintings and drawings for the most part, a contrast to the Dalí museum in Montmartre which focused on his sculptural works. If the poets in our program didn’t walk out of this tour inspired to write something, they might want to reconsider their plans in life. For my part, I walked out with two ideas, one plot-oriented, one narrative-oriented, which I’m realizing could be combined into a single story. The picture below also suggests a sort of narrative device:

In the evening we had readings from Mikhail Iossel and Rebecca Wolff. Iossel read from his new project, a Facebook-related fiction piece. Wolff read three short poems and a short story, her first short story ever, she claimed.





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