Residency day 1

And I’m back. Today I inaugurated a new tradition for the first day of the residency. Unlike past residencies, I managed to make it to the meet and greet not only on time, but a bit early. There was the usual mix of greeting the old and familiar and meeting the new and the strange. Between the meet and greet and lunch, I managed to say hello to most of my critique group. This time around, I have all of my workshop critiques finished although I am doing a pair of gratuitous critiques because, well, why not? There was a bit less open time than last term since I had to attend the seminar on the critical essay although I did get a better sense of what I needed to do this week to be ready to start. I’ve already begun work on the essay proposal, which I should get finished up early.

The evening readings were Brock Clarke and Tibor Fischer at The Oxford Exchange. But not only were no Oxfords exchanged in the course of the evening, but the beer and wine were inadvertently locked up and unavailable early on, much to the distress of many. 





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