Author: dahosek

  • Writerly resolutions: August status

    The status is showing up a bit early this month since I’m going on vacation and won’t be doing any active writing work while I’m gone.¹ Got one of my workshopped stories revised and out into submissions as well as wrote a new short-short and workshopped it (I think this needs another round of revision […]

  • Writerly resolutions: July status

    Chaos continues as does progress on the novel, although the progress continues at a slower level than I would like while the chaos at a higher level. The annotation read is closing on completion with just a page and a half of notes to be pasted into the manuscript before revisions. No real progress on […]

  • Where I get names

    Rebecca Makkai had a recent Substack post about naming which I enjoyed and I thought I’d share some of my own strategies for getting names. When I’m looking for names for characters in another country, one place I’ll look is at lists of World Cup players. One of the rules for the World Cup is […]

  • Writerly resolutions: June status

    As my life continues its daily chaos, I make slow progress with the novel. I’ve completed the highlighter read of the novel, but have a lot of work to do on the annotation read. I started with a dozen pages of research notes printed in double-column mode which I’ve been cutting into little rectangles and […]

  • Writerly resolutions: May status

    A bit more productive this month, but still behind where I hoped to be. On the novel, I moved from 55 pages into the highlighter read to 225 pages. Roughly 80 pages (six chapters) to go. I expect to get the highlighter read done in the next week and get most of the way through […]

  • Writerly resolutions: April status

    April, despite its soote shoures, is indeed the cruelest month. I began the month with Covid, finally succumbing despite still being careful three years into the pandemic. This pretty much knocked me out the first two weeks of the month, which came on top of recovering from the site hack and an associated email outage […]

  • Writerly resolutions: March status

    March saw me getting things done a bit more. I finished some new poems and revised old ones, which means that I’ve started a new round of poetry submissions, which has already yielded a bunch of rejections. I also got one of the workshopped stories revised and put into submissions as well. The character bios […]

  • Writerly resolutions: February status

    February was a pretty low-energy month for my writing life, it seemed. A handful of rejections came in (including communications from a couple magazines, Glass Poetry and LIT that I had thought had died). I got not much done beyond one and a half character bios out of the ten that I need to write. I’ll make […]

  • Writerly resolutions: January status

    How did January go? I’ve finished the research reading and the space on the floor where the research books had been stacked is now clear. I haven’t started on step two, the character bios, but I should begin that today. I’ve made a list of ten character bios to write, so that’s a start on […]

  • Non-book things that delighted me in 2022

    I thought I had a collection of stuff that delighted me this year that would make this post a quick effort, but apparently not so much. So here are the things that delighted me last year that weren’t books. Spider-Man: No Way Home. With the post-credit scene in Far From Home I was really curious to see […]