A thought on the state of the church

Over the past year as we’ve been adapting to the new language of the liturgy, I’ve found myself thinking that this would have been a good point for me to have converted to Catholicism since the self-consciousness of not knowing the responses as well as those next to me in the pews would be ameliorated by the knowledge that everybody else was unfamiliar with the mass. This thought was quickly followed with the realization that given the hyper-politicization of too many of the hierarchy that I probably wouldn’t have converted to Catholicism at this time. As Dan Savage’s mother said, “It’s like they’re trying to make Lutherans of us all.” But where else can I turn? Orthodoxy is just too foreign for me, I can’t take seriously the Episcopal church given it’s origins and I am most definitely not a protestant of any sort. No, I really believe all that about the apostolic succession and the Catholic Church being the one true Church. I can only hope that the awkward legacy of current times won’t outlive me.






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