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Residency day 9

And the last day of my penultimate residency. One of these kind of open days. A morning residency with Beth Ann Fennelly and Tom Franklin which, it turns out, was not so much about collaboration (although they did talk about writing The Tilted World towards the end of their time and more about writing very short pieces. 

Then a workshop, lunch, nap and the big event for the day, the first-ever hooding ceremony for our MFA grads. (As an aside, I’m not loving that term “hooding”, the images it conjures up being either the KKK or Abu Ghraib.) Great to see the first group get their degrees and hear a little about their theses. 

January 2014 Graduates of the UT MFA Program

And then the traditional closing party which included the announcement of the winner of the fifth-ever Tampa Bay Hotel/Plant Hall Beautiful-Weird-Cool-Spooky Old Place Writing Contest. Turns out it was me.

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Residency day 8

We’re in the final stretch on the residency. Our morning residency was Hal Hartley talking nominally about dialogue but as much talking about how his writing process builds on the standard three-act 64-scene screenplay format but then is willing to move beyond that.

After workshop and lunch, we then had a panel on “Literary Professionalism,” and then the semi-annual book arts seminar, at which I did get a chance to see a couple things I’ve not done before (as opposed to the preceding three), with marbling paper and a different sewing pattern for multi-signature books that doesn’t use ribbons or cords.

The evening reading was Beth Ann Fennelly and Tom Franklin who read their work separately before joining together to read their recent novel written in collaboration, The Tilted World.

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