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  • Song of the Month: Feelin’ Love by Paula Cole from This Fire

    This song was never a single from Paula Cole’s second album, but it really should have been. In his song, Cole manages to convey in music and lyrics the feeling of sex perfectly. Some of it is in the doubles-entrendes lyrics, but it also comes from the music itself. Cole’s breathy singing conveys a sense […]

  • Dewey Decimal Project: 820.93 GOL Sexual repression and victorian literature

    After my disappointment reading Mamet, I decided to go in a direction that was bound not to disappoint because I would come at it with low expectations: An academic approach to some obscure corner of literary study. This is one of those books that I sometimes wonder how it got on the shelves and if […]

  • The Holy Spirit, the Pope and Homosexuality

    There’s been a great deal of jubilation and consternation regarding Pope Francis’s conciliatory remarks about homosexuality on the plane from Brazil to Rome. “Who am I to judge?” “Gays should be fully integrated into society.” The conservatives were quick to argue that there is no change in church doctrine reflected in these remarks, and they […]

  • Why Christians should support equal rights for gays and lesbians

    The key justification for the widespread anti-gay stance of many Christians today is scriptural. It’s hard to get past the scriptural prohibitions on homosexuality, even if we were to discard the Old Testament texts as having been superseded by the new covenant, there are still the passages in the Pauline epistles. So given this, then […]

  • What Sandra Fluke actually said

    I had been curious about this, and I managed to find this transcript of her testimony.